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This lesson will help students to understand irony, so that they will be able to identify irony within the texts that they are reading. This lesson is planned with a class of students who are 1:1 iPads.
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Students will be able to recognize irony within their reading Students will analyze irony and how it enhances the meaning within the text.

English Language Arts
Grades 11
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1 Hook

Activity: Conversing

Begin the discussion for the day by asking students how they can tell if a person is being ironic or sarcastic when they are talking. After discussion tell the students that today we will be studying irony, how to recognize it and the integral part it plays in literature

2 Direct Instruction

Free, Paid

have the students join the session for the nearpod lesson on irony from my library. Teach through the nearpod lesson

My classroom is 1:1 iPads so they will all be following along on their own ipads.

Student Instructions

Students will join the session on nearpod using the code to join the session. Each student has their own iPad, they will all need to joing and complete the exercises as we progress through the lesson.

3 Guided Instruction

Activity: Reading

As a class have all students turn to Act IV of the Crucible. Have the list of students who will be reading parts for the Act listed on the board. Students and teachers will read and discuss the act, focusing on the irony presented in the last act of the play. Teacher will ask releveant questions and assess verbally whether or not students are focusing on and able to interpret the irony present within this act.

Student Instructions

Students will read and follow along with Act IV of the play the Crucible. They will discuss with the teacher and each other the relevance of the irony presented during this act of the play.

4 Independent Practice

Activity: Assessing

Hand out the worksheet packet that accompanies this act of the play. The worksheet packets assesses comprehension of reading with a selection quiz. It also has 25 questions dealing with the irony presented in Act IV of the Crucible.

Student Instructions

Students will complete the worksheet packet individually and turn into the turn in box for grading.

5 Wrap Up

Activity: Conversing

Ask students if they have any questions and walk around the room to answer personal questions and provide assistance as needed.