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Ir + A + infinitive

Students learning to talk in future with ir +a+infinitive
Cheryl D.
Classroom teacher
Lincoln High School
Lincoln, United States
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My Grades 9, 10, 11, 12
My Subjects World Languages

Students will be able to...  Learn how to speak in the future tense.  Learn how to say "going to do something" using ir +a+ infinitibe

World Languages
Grades 9 – 10
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1 hook

Free, Paid

Kahoot will test their ability to conjugate the verb ir and what infinitive verbs are. (meanings of infinitives...vocab)

Student Instructions

Using kahoot, conjugate ir and translate the infinitive verbs to English.

Get kahoot...scroll down to sign in.

2 instruction

Activity: Other — direct instruction and notes

Notes for how to conjugate the verb ir.  Talk about it.


Student Instructions

Kids take notes and listen

3 Guided practice

Activity: Creating

Students will create sentences using ir+a+infinitive.

Will do activities out of the book with partner

We will go over as a large group.

Student Instructions

Sentences on board.

Put sentences from English into Spanish.

In book, answer ir+a+ infinitive questions using complete sentences with a partner.

We will go over together.

4 Independent practice

Activity: Other — book activities

Give students criteria about what is expected from group activities.

Fill in blanks with correct form of ir.

Answer questions using complete sentences.

Student Instructions

Fill in blanks with correct form of verb ir

Answer questions using complete sentences.