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iPad: iMovie to Google Sites

This is how a student would create a video on their iPad that could then be uploaded to their student ePortfolio
Brad W.
Technology coordinator
Fort Couch Middle School
Pittsburgh, United States
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Students will be able to...complete and upload a video project it to their student ePortfolio. 

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1 Independent Practice - Completing iMovie

This lesson flow is not tailored to one unit of content, but is for a general approach to uploading content - in this case a movie created in iMovie for the iPad - to a Google Sites ePortfolio.  Given that reality, we will begin with students finishing up an iMovie project.  At this stage, students will export the movie (any size) to their camera roll. 

Student Instructions

1.  Complete iMovie project

2. Export to Camera Roll

2 Camera Roll - Google Drive

Google Drive
Free, Paid

Next, students will need to upload their movie (which is now in their camera roll) to Google Drive.  Hosting their video in Google Drive is essential, because it provides the student with an online location to house their work, which will make it load must faster when someone visits their Google Site.  Along with uploading to Google Drive, students must also change the share permission to allow other users to see their work.  We suggest providing "View Only" privileges to "Anyone with the Link" because it will provide the most appropriate access for visitors to this site. 

Student Instructions

1. Open Google Drive App

2.  Choose the "+" sign to add in a new video

3. Select the video that was just exported from iMovie to your camera roll

4.  After uploading change share permissions to allow guests

5.  Suggestion: Provide view only privileges to anyone with the link

3 Reflect on Google Sites

Now students will go to the Google Site and select the appropriate location to upload this work.  The next instructions will be for student ePortfolio reflection, but could apply to any type of Google Sites upload. 

Have students open their Google Site and open to the correct page within their site.  Assuming that the page is in the "Announcement" format, have them click on "New Post" to add in this new reflection.  From here, they can first select to add in a movie from their Google Drive ("Insert" from the top toolbar, followed by "Drive" and then "Videos").  After uploading the video, assign the students to type a few sentences in the box below reflecting on their learning in this project. 

Student Instructions

1. Open Google Sites and get to correct location for uploading this video

2. Click "New Post"

3. Choose "Insert", "Drive" and then "Videos" to find and insert your video.

4. Type a 1 paragraph reflection on what you learned on this assignment. 

4 Bonus Step: Turn in Reflections to Showbie

Free to try

Create an assignment in Showbie for students to turn in a link to their work for you.  From here, assign students to copy the link from their Google Site and submit that as their work. 

Student Instructions

1.  Copy the web address from the page that your reflection can be found at

2. Add that to Showbie in the "Video ePortfolio Reflection" assignment as a comment