Lesson Plan

Introduction to the Scientific Method

Students are introduced to the scientific method by completing a science experiment.
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Students will be able to...

identify the steps in the scientific method.

complete a science experiment.

discuss the steps of the scientific method.

Grades K – 2
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1 Introduction

Begin the class by showing the teacher created video about the scientific method


2 Lesson

Show the video to go through the experiment to walk through the steps in the scientific method.


3 Guided Practice

Students will complete the experiment.

Students will use the instagram app to take pictures during the experiment.

Students will put the pictures into instacollages for use later in the lesson.

Student Instructions

Students will use the pictures to create instacollage.

4 Activity Review

Inspiration Maps VPP
Free to try, Paid

Students will complete their lab report paper using the inspiration review to help them.


5 Assessment

Show the tellagami to give students directions to complete the assessment about the scientific method.


Student Instructions

Students will work with a group to create a tellagami about the steps in the scientific method used to complete the assignment.