Lesson Plan

Introduction to the Odysey

Flipped lesson - viewing the intro for the Odyssey

Students will be able to...Evaluate how an author draws on and transforms material in a specific work. 

Identify how cultural backgrounds and beliefs influence an author's writing. 

View and discuss influences on Homer's writing based on historical information.

English Language Arts
Grades 9
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1 Odyssey Intro

Have students view the introduction video for the Odyssey. 

In class, use a Socratic question and answer session regarding Homer's background, historical events, and myths. 

Make sure students have an understanding about how mythology encouraged people to obey laws and values through fear of punishment or in order to please the gods.

Make a real world connection. Ask students how this is like religions in our society today. 

Student Instructions

View the video "'Clash of the Gods' Odyssey Intro"

As you are viewing the video, consider historical events that may have influenced Homer's life and writings. Also, consider the polytheistic beliefs during this time period. 

Write three questions about Homer and his time period for class. Consider his background and beliefs while forming your questions.