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Introduction to STEM

Safely introduce STEM to younger grades
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Grades Pre-K – 1
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1 Attention Getter

Activity: Reading

Have the whole class gather together, begin reading "Young Frank, Architect" to the students to introduce the concept of engineering.

2 Hook

Using the smart board, display the app "Sago Mini Toolbox". This app is a great way to safely introducing engineering to young students by bridging the digital world to real world. However it lacks logic, and can become repetitive quickly so only complete a few projects. 

Throughout the activity try to have the students learn the engineering process by asking leading questions. For example;

  • "What is the problem"
  • "How can we fix it"
  • "What tools/materials will we need to fix it"
  • "Can we improve it"

*The final product is usually a mystery and the building process does not effectively support the outcome of the project. So have students throw out a lot of ideas to how they can fix it, or what materials they will need to build their solution.

3 Wrap-up/Independant Practice

Activity: Creating

After introducing STEM and hopefully the excitement to begin inform the students that next class you will begin your first STEM project. Introduce the final goal what your students will build, and then allow them to plan, and imagine their project. Have them begin drawing up plans till  the end of class.