Lesson Plan

Introduction to Scratch

This lesson introduces the Scratch programming language, including the basic terms utilized in the language.
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The students will be able to:

Name the basic terms used in Scratch

Create the beginning of a simple program in Scratch 



Grades 6 – 12
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1 Journal Entry

Activity: Other — Writing

Instruct students to respond in their journals to the following prompt:

How do you think programs like Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer and Windows are made? 

Discuss what it means to program a computer.

Programming languages are used to translate algorithms into a language that a computer can execute. 


Student Instructions

Share with elbow partner their responses

2 Investigate features of Scratch

Display the Scratch interface and show students how to open name animator 



Student Instructions

Have students explore and try to determine what the various blocks do.

§  Encourage students to experiment. They can’t break the computer by dragging the wrong block.

§  Show students where they can access ScratchGettingStarted.pdf. and/or provide a printed copy for each pair of students 

3 Re-Group

Stop after about 20 minutes and do a quick debrief of what they have discovered so far. Ask questions that get students to comment on the following features:

§  Every character in Scratch is called a Sprite.

§  How to choose a Sprite from a file

§  How to paint your own sprite

§  Each sprite has its own scripts.

§  You can right click any block and select help to get more information on how to use it.

§  How to change the language in Scratch (for your English Learners)

§  How to go to full screen mode and back

§  How to switch back and forth between sprites by clicking on them

§  X and Y coordinates on the screen are shown on the bottom right below the stage

§  How to save in the proper location (the default is to save in the Scratch Projects folder

(C:\\Program Files\Scratch\Projects))