Lesson Plan

Introduction to Romaniticism

Understanding prior knowledge

Students will be able to explain specific elements (Tone, theme, figurative language) analyze  the tone  and theme of  a text.

Students will be able to explain how the analysis of the texts are examples of Romanticism. 


English Language Arts
Grades 12
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Student Notes

1 Introduction and Anticipatory set (hook)

Using Edmodo and the prompt of "What characterizes Romanticism" students will share the knowledge they have before we start the unit. This will enable scaffolding as needed and a better idea of how much time the next lesson will need.

Student Instructions



2 Introduction- Anticipatory set

Teacher will use a power point to share several images of art popular during the early Romantic period. This power point will be interspersed with historical information.  Students will use their Characteristics of Romanticism handout to analyze  the text that are shared on the Power Point.

Student Instructions

Students will be asked several questions to promote analysis.

1) What are the elements of Romanticism in art.

2) What are some Characteristics of Romanticism.


3 Instructional Activities

Activity: Presenting

Students will receive two handouts. The poem by William Wordsworth  The Tables Turned and the TPA-FASTT. Using the TPA-FASTT students will analyze the text. Students will break into small groups of no more then 4. Students will work for about 10 minutes

Differentiation element: Students can chose to work alone instead of groups. 


4 Wrap Up Synthesis/closure

The class will join back to the whole group. Using the Whiteboard Pro Application with a copy of the Poem projected students will share the analysis they did in their groups. Students will move line by line identifying  the Characteristics  of Romanticism.

5 Assessment (Formative)

Students will once again sign back into Edmoto and list the elements of Romanticism they learned in todays lesson. This will be an exit ticket activity as well as an assessment to verify understanding has taken place.