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Teacher-Created Lesson Plan

Introduction to Public Speaking

This is a fun way to help students become more comfortable with presenting in class while practicing persuasive techniques.
Kacie S.
Classroom teacher
Schalmont Middle School
Schenectady, United States
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My Subjects English Language Arts

Students will be able to...

* Plan and create a presentation in a group

* Speak confidently in front of an audience 

*Use persuasive techniques to create an argument

* Convince an audience to buy a unique invention

English Language Arts
Grades 5 – 12
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1 Hook: Students will reflect on their feelings about speaking in front of an audience.

* Prior to the lesson: Teacher should have students sitting in groups for this activity. The teacher will create an answer garden with the question: What words come to mind when you think about talking or presenting in front of class or an audience?

* As the students submit their answers, students will see which answers are most popular based on the size of the words. Teacher can allow 1-2 minutes for student to submit their ideas. Teacher should focus on the larger words and hover over them to show the class how many students submitted the same answer to guide a short class discussion about feelings when it comes to presenting in front of an audience.

Student Instructions

* Students should go to the answer garden link you provide and type in their answers. Students can be encouraged to submit more than one answer as they watch the answer garden grow on their computer screen.

2 Instruction: Planning a Presentation and Presenting with Confidence

* Teacher shows the public speaking video. In the video Tim and Moby give tips on how to prepare a presentation and reduce the anxiety of presenting in front of an audience.

* After the video, teacher leads a discussion on main ideas presented in the video, such as maintaining eye contact and keeping four main points in mind when presenting. Students complete brain pop activities in small groups following discussion to enforce presentation concepts.


Student Instructions

* Students complete brain pop activities after watching the video and class discussion. 

3 Instruction/Group Work: How Can I Persuade?

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*Introduce the three appeals of persuasive writing  (logos- logic, ethos- ethics, pathos- emotion)

* After discussing how to persuade an audience, have students brainstorm where they have seen examples of the three appeals in media and advertisements with mindomo in small groups.


Student Instructions

* Students will use mindomo to create a concept map sharing examples of ethos, pathos, and logos in media and advertisements they have seen.

4 Group Work: The Challenge: Convince the Audience!

*Teacher tells students that they now have a presentation challenge, each group will be assigned a unique invention. Their job is to create a presentation (using a presentation program such as prezi or slideshare) that will convince their classmates to buy the product that they were given.

*I have attached a resource that has examples of unique inventions. 

*The teacher reminds students to look back at the  mindomo concept maps they created to recall techniques they can use to convince their audience to buy their invention. 

*The teacher also reminds students to think of the presentation techniques presented from Brainpop while they are creating their presentations as well as before they present. Teacher should encourage students to practice their presentation multiple times before presenting in front of class.

Student Instructions

* Students are to use the persuasive techniques/examples from their mindomo concept maps to create a presentation that will convince their audience to buy their assigned invention.

* Students will create their presentation using a program such as prezi or slideshare.

*Students must plan and practice their presentation before presenting. Before presenting, students should review the public speaking tips from the brain pop activities.

5 Wrap up: Presentations and Reflection

* After students present, they can vote for the presentation that was most confident or convincing (or both!) using poll everywhere. 

* Students reflect through an assignment or discussion post in schoology. Reflection should focus on how they felt about presenting before the lesson compared to how they felt about public speaking after using the techniques discussed in class.

*Teacher completes lesson by having students answer the same question from the beginning of the lesson on answer garden. Teacher displays answer garden on the projector for the class to see and leads a concluding discussion on how students grew or changed in their public speaking.

Student Instructions

* Students vote for the most convincing and/or confident presentation using poll everywhere.

*Students go to the assignment or discussion board on schoology to reflect on the process of creating a presentation and how they used the public speaking tips from brain pop to help them present in front of class.

*Students go to the answer garden link provided by the teacher to input words that come to mind when they think about public speaking now that they have completed the lesson.