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Introduction to Place Value

Students will be able to use Base Ten blocks to represent 2-digit numbers
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Students will be able to...

Understand place value.

Understand that the two digits of a two-digit number represent amounts of tens and ones. Understand the following as special cases:

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1 Understanding Place Value

Show Brainpop Jr. video entitled Place Value with Annie and Moby.

Pause at :49 to check for understanding of the word "digit".

At the end of the video, ask students to turn and talk to someone near them to share something they learned from the video about place value.

Student Instructions

Students watch video and interact in discussion.

2 Building Numbers with Base Ten Blocks

Have children open up the Number Pieces app.  Explain that you will be using the app as a tool to build numbers using base ten blocks.  

Review how to move pieces onto the workspace and how to use the writing tools to record numbers.

Give students 5 minutes to simply explore the tool before asking them to begin building numbers as a group.

Ask children to clear their workspace.  Explain that you are going to say a number and you want them to show that number using ones and tens.  Begin with single digit numbers.

After they have had practice moving cubes onto their workspace, begin building 2-digit numbers.  Have them place 1 ten and 2 ones on their board.  Ask children to record the number they've built on their workspace using the pencil to write.  Ask for students to share their workspace with someone sitting next to them.  

Have students add additional ones and record this new number.  

QUESTION:  Which digit changed when you added more ones? 

ANSWER:  The digit in the ones place.  

After practicing with adding ones, have students add tens and record the new number.  

QUESTION?  Which digit changed when you added more tens? 

ANSWER:  The digit in the tens place.  

Student Instructions

Students will open the app and listen to a few basic directions about how to use the tool.

Students will have time to free explore the app before moving onto the group lesson of building numbers as a whole group.

Students will add cubes and then tens, following the teacher's directions.

3 Show What You Know

Ask children to build a number and record it on their workspace.  Take a screenshot and upload it to Seesaw or to Padlet.

Student Instructions

Build a 2-digit number using base ten blocks on the Number Pieces app.  Record the number on the workspace.  Take a screenshot and upload it to Seesaw or to Padlet.

4 How Many? Practice recognizing 2-digit numbers

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Student Instructions

Open Kahoot on student ipads.  Type in code for First Grade Place Value game.