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Introduction to Integers

Students will be introduced to integers, opposites, and absolute value
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Students will be able to identify an integer on a number line, give its opposite, and its absolute value.  Students will also be able to define those three terms using examples.

Grades 5 – 6
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1 Hook

I will use this video to show a short clip on integers: Find the value of a number using its distance and direction from zero.  This video will show the students why a positive number is positive, and why a negative number is negative.  It also shows them that number lines can go left and right or up and down.  Some real life connections are made as well.

2 Direct Instruction

Give the students examples of integers on a number line along with their opposites and absolute value.

Put the students into groups and have them attempt to develop definitions for the following terms.

1.  Integer

2.  Opposites (the number that is the same distance away from zero in the opposite direction from zero)

3.  Absolute value (distance away from zero)

Guide the students, as a class, to the correct definitions.

3 Guided Practice

Using the educreations app, have the students develop an interactive whiteboard video illustrating the definition of integer, opposite, and absolute value.  The videos should include the correct class definition as well as examples of each concept.  The videos will then be presented to the teacher.  The teacher may choose the best examples and share them with the class.

4 Independent Practice

Free, Paid

Having already set up the students for sumdog accounts, change their skills to positive and negative numbers.

Have the students challenge their friends in sumdog games using positive and negative numbers.

5 Wrap-Up

As a review, watch the video: Understand the opposite of a number by looking at a number line.  This video will retouch on identifying positive and negative numbers on a number line as well as the definition and examples of opposites.  You could also use some of the educreation videos that students made earlier in the lesson.