Lesson Plan

Introduction to Fraction Concepts

Your third-graders will learn how parts form a whole and how we represent fractions visually in this fun flow!
Kelly A.
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Students will be able to...

- understand the relationship between part and whole when using fractions

- match a fraction to a visual model

Grades 3
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1 Intro/Hook

Show students the BrainPop Jr. video “Basic Parts of a Whole,” which illustrates the basic concept of a fraction in a visual way. Your students will learn how fractions can apply to a group of objects, and how smaller parts make up one whole. The videos on BrainPop Jr. use kid-friendly language, and the cartoon format is very engaging.

2 Explore

ST Math: K-6
Free to try, Paid

Your students can further explore how fractions are represented visually by playing games with Jiji the penguin in ST Math. This program uses very little written direction, and students will construct their own knowledge of how fraction pieces are broken down and represented. Once they master the basic concept of writing a fraction to match a visual, they can move on to a more advanced skill of identifying equivalent fractions by comparing sizes and visual models.

3 Practice

Free, Paid

“Fraction Fling” is a game that gives students more practice in matching written fractions to visual models. This will help them to build speed and automaticity as they play the game and build their score. Students will also get instant feedback as they play.

4 Assess

Free, Paid

Kahoot is an ideal alternative to boring pencil-and-paper quizzes! The quiz-game format and fast pace keep students engaged and excited as they show what they know. At the end of the game, you will have valuable data about which students have mastered the concept of visual fraction models and which students need more support.

5 Reflect

After you’ve completed all of the activities in this flow, you can keep track of student mastery using Metria’s planning suite. Conference with individual students about their performance, and use Metria’s built-in tools to plan interventions and support for students who might need more help.