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Introduction to Division using The Door Bell Rang Book

Introduction to division using illustrations and equations
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Students will be able to use illustrations to explore and understand division scenarios and problems.  Students will also be able to equations and number sentences to represent a division problem.

Grades 3
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1 Read aloud of The Door Bell Rang

Activity: Reading

Play read-aloud on The Door Bell Rang to the entire class.http://justbooksreadaloud.com/ReadToMe.php?vid=TheDoorbellRang


2 Guided Instruction and Practice

1.  Watch the read aloud again, this time stop after each division problem brought up in the story. Reveal the division sentences in the classflow lesson as you go.

2.  Follow classflow lesson and have students figure out the new tray of cookies grandma brings.

3.  Next slide on classflow poses another problem. Suppose that Grandma had only eighteen cookies on the new tray. How many cookies would there then be altogether?  

4.  Final slide has students retell the story using mathematical equations and illustrations, find the answer to thirty divided by twelve, and finally invent an additional episode for the story for which they write all three division sentences and find the answer.

3 Independent Practice

Free, Paid

Students independently compete on solving division word problems and equations.