Lesson Plan

Introduction to Digital Citizenship

Training the next cohort of Digital Citizenship teachers.
Kat C.
Technology coordinator
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Teachers will be able to explain the nine elements 

Teachers will access Common Sense Education curriculum and resources. 

Teachers will develop a goals and a plan for Common Sense Education teacher certification. 

Teachers will develop a goals and a plan for Common Sense Education school certification. 

Teachers will construct a responsible use policy for their school. 

English Language Arts
Grades 12
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1 The Lesson Plan


Materials: Tupperware, shaving cream, toothpaste, gel, hand wipes, napkins.

Please take the object you have and get everything that you can out of the container. Now try and put it back in the container. *Allow them to try...this is a very realistic example of how hard it is to take things back once they have been shared...words, pictures, and videos. Be careful what you share and who you share it with.

While watching the videos (1, 2) please write a personal example of how you have been a victim of 100 likes syndrome or adapting to a new digital language.

Direct Instruction:

Digital Citizenship 9 Elements

Guided Practice:

Materials: Popsicle sticks with the elements. Pick an element Popsicle stick and spend 5 minutes looking online for a very relatable, current example of that element in the news that you could share in your class. Look for examples that would engage your students like our video above.

Ex: Digital Literacy

Facebook Hoax

Independent Practice:

Adult Media Agreement

Student Media Agreement

Becoming a digital citizenship certified teacher:



Digital Bytes- 1 whole class activity with an individual

Digital Compass- 2 characters must be completed by each student

Digital Citizenship Network

Edmodo  **Screenshot of your post.


Staff Meeting

Tip Sheets

Classroom Posters




What is an RUP? :

RUP Presentation


Create a list of things to brainstorm…

Use these questions to guide your brainstorm. Post your final plan on the Padlet.


* Will we modify the RUP?

*How/Why will be modify the RUP?

*How will we teach the RUP?

*How will be post the RUP (posters, signs, screensavers, videos…)

*How will student create RUP posts (posters, signs, videos)?

*What role will youth workers and the dorm play in displaying and teaching the RUP?

*How will we make sure that all students know the RUP?

*How will we teach digital citizenship?

*When will our teachers become certified and how will we do that?

*How will we model digital citizenship with our students?