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Introduction to Coding using code.org

Students learn the basics of coding: algorithms, loops, and conditionals. They develop interactive games to teach younger students about healthy choices.
Debbie Y.
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My Grades K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
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Students will be able to use while statements to minimize the number of lines of code in their programs.

Students will be able to use if statements to take action based on specific conditions.

Students will be able to code reactions based on user inputs.

Students will be able to share a message about healthy choices through an interactive game.

Social Studies
Health & Wellness
Grades 3 – 5
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1 Hook - Hour of Code : Star Wars

Create student accounts and print their login information prior to starting the lesson.

Have students complete first three puzzles of the activity.

Student Instructions

Search for Hour of Code.

Select the Star Wars activity.

Login using the login information provided.

Complete the first three puzzles of the activity.

2 Direct Instruction - What is an algorith?

Direct students to the BBC resource on algorithms.

3 Guided Practice - Hour of Code : Star Wars

Students complete  Star Wars Hour of Code from puzzle 4 to completion.

4 Independent Practice - Design a Game

Share the Healthy Choices Game rubric with students.

Have students complete the Game Design Planner. The game they create should teach K-2 students an important lesson about Healthy Choices.

Direct students to the "Play Lab" course in code studio at code.org. Students will code, test and debug their game.

Students will share their games with the teacher via phone.


5 Wrap-Up : K-2 Students play Healthy Choices Games

Activity: Presenting

Teacher post links to all games on a website that K-2 students can access.

K-2 students play the Healthy Choices games.

K-2 students complete a reflection about what game they played and what they learned about Healthy Choices.