Lesson Plan

Introduction to Coding

introducting and teaching coding

Students will be able to explain what coding is, where it is, and why it is important.  The will also experiment with coding using some of the apps.

Social Studies
World Languages
Grades K – 3
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1 Introduction/hook

Introduce coding, show video

Student Instructions

listen and watch

2 Direct instruction

Activity: Presenting

In depth explanation of coding, introduce vocabulary, discuss with class any of their experiences with coding.

Student Instructions

Listen, and discuss any of their experiences with coding.

3 Guided Practice

Introduce game assist groups when needed

Student Instructions

work with a partner to play the game

4 Independent Practice

introduce new app. Help when needed.

Student Instructions

Try coding on their own, present end product to class.

5 wrap up discussion

Activity: Conversing

Discussion with class what they learned about coding, troubles they ran into, questions about.

Student Instructions

Discussion with class what you learned, troubles you ran into ask questions, listen.