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Introduction to Basic Addition

The students will learn about writing addition sentences.
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Students will be able to...

identifiy the parts of the addition sentence.

read an addition sentence.

write an addition sentence.

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1 Introduction

We will watch this video about addition.  

Add em up video


2 Direct Instruction

Use the link to show math workbook pages to work through each problem with the students.


3 Guided Pratice

Use this link to play the game together to guide them through the process of building and solving the problems.


4 Independent Practice

Use the app to have the students play one round of bingo.  They can continue as long as time allows.  Make sure students select addition from the list of choices.

Student Instructions

Select your player and then complete the addition problems in one round of bingo.

5 Wrap up

Show students the tellagami that is listed.


Have students create one to answer the question.

Student Instructions

Complete the assign ment from tellagami.

Create a tellagami that answers the addition sentence.  Create an addition problem using the doodle feature for the background picture.  Then tell us the answer to the first problem and the addition sentence for the picture you created.