Lesson Plan

Introduction to Advertising

What techniques do advertisers use online to get people to buy their products?
Lisa R.
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Dr Ramon E Betances Early Reading Lab School
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Students will be able to list ways that online advertisers try to get people to buy their products or give personal information. Methods include: tie-ins with celebrities or popular culture; alteration of images; using free trials or discounts, and not rounding up prices; jingles and other music; humor; repetition, and much more.

English Language Arts
Social Studies
Grades 3 – 5
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1 Hook/Attention getter

Activity: Conversing

Teacher shows examples of junk mail and plays a telemarketer's message. Teacher asks if students have seen/heard these types of messages before, and what the point of them is. Teacher asks students if they have seen digital advertisements; students give examples.

Student Instructions

Students add to the conversation, building on the teacher's questions and their peers' comments.

2 Direct instruction

Teacher shows video.


Student Instructions

Students make a group list of techniques advertisers use.

3 Guided practice

Activity: Investigating

Teacher pulls up examples of digital ads and asks students which persuasive techniques the advertiser is using.

Student Instructions

Students add to the group list with advertising techniques they come up with when they look at other digital ads.

4 Independent practice

Activity: Assessing

Teacher has created an independent practice sheet for students. There is an example of a digital ad; students identify the demographic of the ad, techniques used, and the effectiveness of the ad. 

Teacher explains the work and then circulates to help students as needed.

Teacher collects work when students are done in order to evaluate the students' understanding of the lesson.

Student Instructions

Directions are on paper; students complete work, talking to peers and teachers as needed.

5 Wrap up

Activity: Conversing

Teacher calls up volunteers to explain their thinking for the questions on their paper.

Student Instructions

Students listen to peers' thoughts and add to the conversation when desired.