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Introduction to 3D Printing - Design/Print a Board Game Piece

Intro to 3D designing/printing
Nathan P.
Classroom teacher
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Students will be able to design, create, and print a game board piece based on their personality.

Grades 5 – 6
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1 Hook/Attention Getter

Free, Paid

Play the video for the students of a time-lapse video of a 3D printer printing a bust of Yoda.


Explain to the students that they will be learning about 3D design/printing.

2 Direct Instruction

Explain to the students that they will be designing a board game piece based on their personality to 3D print.

Have the students use the ShowMe interactive whiteboard app to start drawing out ideas for the game board piece.

Student Instructions

The students will use the ShowMe app to start drawing their ideas.

3 Guided Practice - Tinkercad

Using Tinkercad's website, set up classes to take the intro to 3D printing tutorials and share the code to join with the students.


While students are working through the tutorials, the teacher will monitor/assist.

Student Instructions

Join the Tinkercad class, using the code provided by the teacher, and work through the tutorials.


4 Independent Practice - Tinkercad

Once done with the tutorials, have the students design/create a board game piece no larger that 15cm by 15 cm based on their personality.

Once students complete, the teacher will use a 3D printer to print the piece.

Student Instructions

Students will use Tinkercad to create a board game piece, no larger than 15 cm by 15 cm, based on their personality.

Once complete, students will save and share their creation with the teacher to print.

5 Wrap-Up

Activity: Presenting

The teacher will have the students present their pieces and how it is based off of themselves.

Student Instructions

Students will present to their classmates their game piece and explain the basis for it.