Lesson Plan

Introducing The Crucible and Allegory

Students get the gist of The Crucible and its Allegory
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Students will be able to identify and distinguish Allegory and its role in literature.

Students will be able to determine and understand author's purpose for writing a text, including the historical references to Puritanism and McCarthyism.

Students will be be given a surface identification of Puritans, the characters in the play, and the people's motivation and reasoning for those involved in McCarthyism on both sides.

English Language Arts
Social Studies
Grades 9 – 12
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1 Hook

Students will watch a brief voiced lecture on Explain Everything with an introduction of people and time periods with an attached video showing Puritanism. A corredsoponding notes page will be given to go with the video for key information and questions.

2 Direct Instruction

Prezi Classic
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A Prezi will review the video watched and clarify questions the students had along with introducing the major influences the author had. The Prezi will also review the term Allegory, which the students should be familiar with but will need clarity and description, along with an embedded YouTube clip giving examples of Allegorys and briefly explaining how it related to McCarthyism. Notes will accompany which are Cornell 2 column notes.

3 Guided Practice and Independent Practice

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The students will be given a one page text to review the relationship of the Red Scare/McCarthy Witch hunt while relating back to Miller's decision to write The Crucible on the Salem Witch Trials. Here they will annotate and T-4 along with finding analysis points. Following, I will model a TADA style paragraph and then we will have the students create a rough draft of a TADA paragraph (TADA is part of our writing initiative: T = Topic Sentence, A = Argument/Main Point, D = Description of Example, and A = Analysis of what this means) on Google Drive to be shared with me and a partner for editting purposes and color coded to show the flow of the changing TADA portions of the writing.

4 Wrap Up

Google Drive
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That evening for homework, students should complete a paragraph on Google Drive with color coded sections and shared with a partner to give notes and ideas for revision. The final copy will be shared to my folder the following day allowing for revision and amendments.