Lesson Plan

Intro to the Periodic Table

This will teach students about the periodic table so they know how to navigate it and use it as they move forward in chemistry.

Students will be able to...

Grades 7 – 12
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1 Hook

This app will allow students a fun, interactive way to get familiarized with the periodic table.

2 Direct Instruction

This is a lesson plan to directly teach students about the periodic table and the arrangement of elements.

3 Guided Practice

This activity is periodic table bingo. There are bingo cards available for download. The teacher can guide the game and offer support where necessary.

4 Independent Practice

This is a practice quiz for the periodic table of the elements. This will allow students the opportunity to practice their knowledge of the periodic table on their own.

5 Wrap up

Students will use the app, Elements in Action, to reflect on what they have learned, to continue practice, and to relate what they learned to real life.