Lesson Plan

Intro to Feelings

What are you feeling

Students will be able to identify what they are feeling and how to express those feelings. They will also be able to identify what others are feeling based on their facial expressions, actions, words, etc. They will be able to do this both in person and on electronic devices. 

Health & Wellness
Grades Pre-K – K
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Teacher Notes
Student Notes

1 Introducing Feelings

I will explain each feeling and show an image of each feeling as I show it. 

2 Explanation of each Feeling

I will explain what people are feeling when they show this expression or emotion


3 Children Label

The children will be able to demonstrate each feeling and expression and explain how they feel when they are doing this. 

4 Labeling Feelings

Activity: Investigating

Children will be able to match each feeling to the name and the expression on the app or on flash cards.