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Intro to Color K-2

A lesson to introduce students to primary colors and to explain their purpose in the creation of art using color.
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My Grades K, 1, 2, 3
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Students will be able to recognize primary colors.  Students will be able to mix primary colors of paint to make at least one variation of each secondary color. Students will be able to discuss their actions of mixing primary colors to make secondary colors, both electronically and with paint.

Grades K – 2
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1 Introduction of Lesson-Intro to Color

Teacher will introduce the app and provide visual aid to students by projecting the app on the promethean board and providing direct instruction on the specific features prior to student practice.  

Teacher will give explanation of the whole lesson, telling students of the paint mixing activity that will proceed the app introduction.

Student Instructions

Students will attend to visual aid and direct instruction of the Intro to Colors app.

2 Gudied practice- Intro to Color

Teacher will provide tablets to students, then move through the app's tools and activities in the order that the students will be asked to do so; introducing all needed pieces for successful independent practice.

Student Instructions

Students will attend to direct instruction, following along with the activities on the device at the teacher's pace.

3 Independent Practice-Intro to Color app

Teacher will be moving around and available for questions and help during this independent practice time.

Student Instructions

Students will practice independently on the introduced app, experimenting with the mixing of primary colors to produce variations of secondary colors within a certain span of time to be determined by the teacher.

4 Direct Instruction - Intro to mixing with paint

Activity: Presenting

Teacher will provide three examples of mixing paint of primary color to create a secondary color with explanation of variation based on amounts of each color used.

Examples will be provided by teacher mixing paint in glass jars so class is able to observe the colors going in and being mixed

Student Instructions

Students will attend and observe presentation with anticipation of guided and independent practice.

5 Guided Practice- Paint mixing

Activity: Exploring

Teacher will provide mixing supplies:  paint, condiment cups and cotton swabs for mixing paint.

Teacher will move around assisting young students in independent mixing, 

Student Instructions

Students will use paint, cotton swabs, and condiment cups to mix small amounts of primary paint colors to produce at least one variation of each secondary color.

6 Wrap Up

Activity: Conversing

Teacher will guide a discussion on the success of the students activities, answer questions, etc.

Student Instructions

Students will participate in a discussion on how successful their practicing was in both areas of instruction, ask questions, make comments, etc.