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Intro to Coding

An introduction to the concept of coding
VanessaRose W.
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My Grades Pre-K, K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Students will be able to...

understand the basic goal and premise of what coding is; develop a simplistic code to help a robot execute a physical action; for an understanding of the importance of exact, precise language when providing directions ; enhance skills for sequencing events

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Grades K – 5
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1 Robots are real - and they need our help!

Teacher will ask students to give her directions to turn off the light. As students offer steps "commands" follow exactly what is stated. Obvious issues will manifest on their own such as lack of specificity or finite actions to each step etc.

Highlight what the objective is and what is going wrong. Share with students the importance of sequencing steps with clarity and help evolve the process until you get to the light switch and turn it off (substitute for other rudimentary common action).

Intro students to the concept of Coding, how we as programmers develop a clear acurate set of steps in a process to reach a goal. Connect moving you to the light was really an opportunity to write a code.

Show BP Video on Coding, pausing for discussion and peer partnering to highlight understanding.

After completing the movie, pair students into teams of 4 and have them develop a code for another action we take in class ( let studetns offer suggestions or give one on your own such as hang jacket in closet)

Student Instructions

Students receive 15 mins to create their code on paper. Be sure they run and test their code as it is being developed, circulate through the groups to check for accuracy, sequence, complete and concise detailing int heir steps, etc.

Students will then share their code with other team and run the new code together. Reflect on successes and structures of code. Look at differences in styles.

Next Steps: compare differences vs using the same set of symbols, move on to unplugged robot coding activity with cup stacking.