Lesson Plan

Internet Safety-Digital Citizenship

This lesson is for middle school students on the importance of digital citizenship. Students use the internet everyday but a lot of them don't know simple steps to help keep them safe. Each student has their own HP desktop computer that they can use.

Students will be able to describe positive aspects of online talking and messaging and identify situations in which online talk may be risky.

Students will be able to recognize that an individual's online information can be helpful or harmful to their reputation.

Grades 6 – 8
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1 Bell Ringer

Activity: Assessing
  1. The beginning of class I will have students go to quizizz.com and upload the internet safety quizizz. 

  2. Every student in my class has an HP desktop computer. 

  3. After all students have logged on, start the game. This should take about 5-7 minutes for students to get through. Then go over the answers with them. 

Student Instructions
  1. Students will go to the website Join.quizizz.com and then enter the code that is on the board. 

  2. Students will then put in a user name and wait for the game to begin. 

2 Digital Citizenship Case Studies

Activity: Debating
  • Teacher will have a worksheet for students with different case studies on them. 
  • The students will be broken up into groups and each person in the group with have a task to complete.
  • I would put a timer of about 18 minutes on the board for them to answer the questions, and when they get done, I would take turns calling on different groups to explain what they did for each scenario. 
Student Instructions
  • Students will be given the case studies and will then number themselves ( 1-3 or 4 depending on group size) 
  • Each person will then take turns typing a response for each question. 
  • Then will I call on each group each person will take a turn responding to the question. 

3 Digital Citizenship Video

  • Students will then watch a video over digital citizenship and fill out the worksheet to go with it. 
  • My class is on Moodle so they can access all their files through their Moodle account. 
Student Instructions
  • Students will go to Moodle and watch the video over Digital Citizenship and fill out the worksheet that goes with it. 
  • When they get done, they will hand it in to Moodle. 
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqezbib5qpQ

Name ___________________________________________     

Period  _______________


6th Grade Internet Safety


 Dos and Donts When Using Social Networks


1.Don’t publish info that identifies ______________


2.  Choose sensible, strong, hard-to-guess ____________________


3.  Don’t upload inappropriate ___________________


4.  Know the _______________ settings


5.  Don’t give ______________ permission before verifying


6.  Be selective when adding _____________


7.  Don’t use                  language


8.  Stop and think before you ____________________


9.  Don’t make online presence all about ____________________


10. Don’t mix wall posts and ____________________ messages.


11. Use fully protected ____________________


4 Exit Ticket

Activity: Assessing
  • I will have an pre existing exit ticket created on Socrative and will have the students fill it out the last few minutes of class.
  • This is a great resource to show what they learned. 
Student Instructions
  • Students will go to Socrative and put in the class number. 
  • They will then fill out the exit ticket.