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Interactive Current Events

Transform passive current event learning into active analysis
Jennifer C.
Classroom teacher
Carson High School
Carson City, United States
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My Grades 10, 11, 12
My Subjects Social Studies

Students will be able to...

  • demonstrate active listening skills
  • use key terms to analyze current events
  • connect current events to geography
  • connect history to current events
Social Studies
Grades 7 – 12
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1 Current Event: Select news source for your age/focus

New York Times App
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Hook/Anticipatory Set

Begin by asking students to share recent news headlines. Make a list on the board - highlight any breaking news and continuing news stories.

Note stories specific to course content - world, national, political news as appropriate.

Select the best news source for the current events you wish to cover with your students. Preview video clips.


2 Creating the Interactive Video

Free to Try, Paid

Use the technology tool of your choice: Zaption or Educanon. Insert the video clip into the tool and add your own questions: multiple choice, true/false, short answer, etc. Design questions that connect to geography, key terms, and other main course concepts to help your students connect their learning to current events.

Student Instructions

Go to the URL of the interactive video provided by your teacher. Connect headphones or earbuds so that you may watch the video at your own pace without disturbing your classmates. Answer questions as they appear within the video to test your learning.

3 Digging Deeper

Activity: Reading

Select two different news articles related to a topic from the video clip, each one representing a different viewpoint/perspective. Divide the class in half, have each half read opposing perspectives on the article. Ask students to make a list of the three main points of the article they read as a group.

Student Instructions

Read the article provided by your teacher. Determine the three main points of your article and compare your answer with the students who read the same article. As a group determine the three main points - everyone must agree so discuss until you come to a consensus.

4 Compare and Contrast Perspectives

Activity: Conversing

Write the three ideas from each article on the board. Guide students in a discussion about what the articles have in common and how they differ. Ask students to determine the reasons/rationale for each perspective.

5 Current Event Follow Up

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For ongoing current event stories, challenge students to work in pairs to design their own interactive video using a news update video clip. Provide students time to learn how to use Zaption or Educanon. Challenge students to incorporate key concepts, geography, and key vocabulary into their quizzes.

6 Current Event High Tech Gallery

Free to Try, Paid

Ask student pairs to load their video quizzes on computers around the room. Have students travel to different computers and watch/respond to interactive videos created by their peers. Provide peer edits/response handouts for students to provide meaningful feedback for their peers.