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Interactive Article Summary

Students read an interactive article and create an interactive summary of the article
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Knowledge - Vocabulary

This tool helps student write interactive stories.  http://www.inklestudios.com/inklewriter/

Students will identify nonfiction text structures and features using the following websites:



Reasoning - Thinking

Students will analyze, annotate, and comprehend text using close reading strategies and interactive components of the text.

Performance Skills - What would you observe?

Students will explore how interactive text: videos, pictures, charts, diagrams etc. enhance nonfiction articles and increases reading comprehension.  Students will also demonstrate deeper understanding of the topic of the article by creating an interactive summary of the text.

Students will present their interactive summary to the class.

Product - What will the students do?

Students will use their knowledge of interactive text, text structures and features, infographics, and video to create an interactive summary of their article using Google docs.  Students will work in groups of two so they will collaborate using the Google suite.  One component of their interactive text will be an Explain Everything or Vidra that students create to enhance their summary.

English Language Arts
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1 Hook

Activity: Exploring

Teacher will introduce interactive articles by asking the students to go to NYT Interactive 2014 and explore an article that catches their interest.  

They will write 3 things they notice about interactive articles.

They will mingle with other students to add to the 3 things they notice and then have a whole class share.

Student Instructions

Students will explore an interacitve article.

Students will write 3 things they notice about the article.

Students will share with each other to build their knowledge of interactive articles.

Students will share with the class interactive article features.

2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Drawing

Teacher will give quick overview of sketchnotes and interactive text structures and features. 

Teacher will then project a short interactive article on the whiteboard and have students take notes on interactive articles. (first part of attached article)

Here is a sample of a short interactive article written by a high school student

Student Instructions

Students will take sketchnotes on the characteristics and benefits of interactive text.

Student swill then take sketchnotes as the teachers reads and shows an interactive article.

3 Read Interactive Article -

Teacher will pair students in groups of two.

Teacher will instruct students to choose an interactive article. They will read the interactive article and then write an interactive summary they will present to the class. The summary will be 500 -1000 words and have at least 3 interactive componentss.




Students will select an interactive text to read.  They will write short summaries of each section in Notability.

Student Instructions

Students will pair up and select an interactive article.

They will read and summarize each section in Notability.

4 Summarize article

Teacher will make an assignment in Google Classroom for the summary draft.

Teacher will give feedback on summary and get them back to students - or have students peer edit their summaries. 

Student Instructions

Students will finish reading and annotating the interactive text.

Students will write a summary of the interactive text in Google Docs using the notes they took in Notability.

Students will turn in draft of summary using Google Classroom.

5 Add interactive components to summary

Teacher will work with students to create a Vidra, Explain Everything, or Haiku Deck that will enhance their interactive summary.

Student Instructions

Students will create a Vidra, Explain Everything, or Haiku Deck that will enhance their interactive summary.

Students will add at least 2 other interactive elements to their article.  (YouTube video, picture, slideshow, etc.)

6 Share interactive summaries on Padlet

Free, Paid

Teacher will create a Padlet for the students to post their work.  

Student Instructions

Students will post the link to their interactive video as well as the link to their original interactive article.  Students will also add a picture to the Padlet that represents their article.

7 Presentation

Activity: Presenting

Teacher will grade presentations as students present.

Student Instructions

Students will present their interactive summaries by giving a short synopsis of their article, showing their Vidra, Explain Everything, or Haiku Deck, and telling what interactive features they chose and why.