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Integrating 3D Printing Into ELA

Design Thinking, Creativity, 3D Printing
Elisa H.
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Students will be able to...

Use Tinkercad to create an award/medallion for their class book which will be awarded to the classroom that wins the next book challenge.  Students will select the winning design (voting) using a Google form and will the class will begin 3D printing this design.

English Language Arts
Grades 3 – 4
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1 Creating Book Challenge Award - 3D Printing

  • Provide students with their design notebooks and Tinkercad password;
  • Explain that they will be sketching their design of a Book Challenge medallion which will be given to the class winning the next book challenge competition. 
Student Instructions
  • Students use their design notebooks to sketch their award/medallion idea;
  • Students access their Tinkercad account;
  • Students create their sketched design in Tinkercad;
  • Students access the Google Form, where they will vote for their favorite design;
  • The winning design will be saved and the class will observe how to download the design to the proper format for 3D printing;
  • Students will observe the beginning of the 3D printing process of the medallion.