Lesson Plan

Improve our school PBL Lesson

Inquiry lesson aimed at introducing students to digital notebooking and collaborative learning
Jude L.
Classroom teacher
Roosevelt Elementary School
Burlingame, United States
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My Grades 4
My Subjects English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Arts, English Language Learning, Health & Wellness

Students will be able to:

  • Identify and understand areas where the school could be improved.
  • With a team, brainstorm ideas for how to improve the school.
  • Collaboratively identify a single problem or area for school improvement, expand on potential solutions.
  • As a team, choose a solution to the chosen problem, and work together as a group to design the tools needed for the solution.
  • Capture learning using digital project notebooks.
English Language Arts
Social Studies
Grades 4
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1 Hook - "ASK"

  • Introduce students to the project and digital project notebook.
  • Share Mr. Pavao's problem and tell students that they are going to help find solutions.
Student Instructions
  • Open Google account.
  • Navigate to Google drive.
  • Open shared Google slide document.
  • Save a copy to their own drive.

2 Direct Instruction - "ASK" (Identifying a Problem)

  • Conduct a whole-class brainstorm of the areas of the school that currently pose problems or that may benefit from improvement.
  • Capture the brainstorm as a list in the DPN.
  • Make a mind map of the brainstorm in Mindmeister.
Student Instructions
  • Contribute ideas to the whole class brainstorm.
  • Capture the brainstorm as a list in the DPN.
  • Download Mindmeister app to Google Drive.
  • Convert Brainstorm list to Mindmap. Paste into DPN.

3 Guided Practice - "REFINE" (Brainstorming)

Activity: Other — Conversing, Brainstorming, Refining ideas
  • Teams work collaboratively to brainstorm all possible problems in the area of the school that they select to work on.
  • Teams begin to identify key problems and layer details onto those problems.
  • Teams begin to work on a collaborative document.
Student Instructions
  • Contribute ideas to the team brainstorm.
  • Teams create a shared DPN for their team.
  • Capture the brainstorm as a list in the shared DPN.
  • Convert Brainstorm list to Mindmap. Paste into DPN.
  • Individuals add to shared DPN.

4 Collaborative Practice - "EXPLORE" and "DESIGN" (Discuss and expand ideas)

Activity: Other — Brainstorm, Design, Create
  • Teams identify the most pressing problem from their discussions.
  • Teams brainstorm potential solutions to those problems.
  • Teams identify the best solution to their problem and add details to the solution.
  • Teams design the solution to their problem, using drawings, models, presentations, posters.
Student Instructions
  • Contribute ideas to the team brainstorm.
  • Record the brainstorm as a Mindmap in the shared DPN.
  • Design the solution. Use sketches, drawings, photos, videos, models.
  • Record design process using photos, videos, scanned sketches/drawings to shared DPN.

5 Wrap Up - "TEST" and "SHARE"

Activity: Presenting
  • Teams test their solution by soliciting feedback from other teams and school community members.
  • Teams refine their ideas.
  • Teams present their final solutions to invested community members.
Student Instructions
  • All team members to seek feedback to their solution.
  • Individuals update shared DPN with changes.
  • Team shares ideas through presentation.