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Exploring the radical art of Industrial France
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My Grades 10, 11, 12
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Students will be able to...

  1. Evaluate information that is presented in a variety of formats
  2. Utilize new terms and vocabulary correctly
  3. Know and use the elements and principles of art
  4. Demonstrate understanding of Impression through hands-on assessment 
Grades 10 – 12
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1 Hook

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  1. Ask students to look at 10 photos using the Impressionist HD app -- they can be any 10 images, but five (5) should come from the "Landscape" section
  2. Next, ask the students to consider the things they saw in the photos.
  3. Students should create a Padlet of 10 "post-its." Five (5) posts should be observations based on "Theme." Another five (5) posts should be observations based on "Elements of Art." If they cannot list five things for each column, they should list questions they might have. 
  4. Discuss the observations or questions in class.

2 Direct Instruction

  1. Students should navigate to Impressionism.org and complete the guided worksheet independently.
  2. When complete, the worksheet should be reviewed whole-class.


Student Instructions

Impressionism – Web Exploration




  1. Impressionism was considered new and  _____________________________________. It was even said to be _____________________________________.


  1. In order to find new patrons, artists needed to have a good showing at Le _____________________________________.


  1. Many Impressionist were _____________________________________.


Prevailing (Traditional) Art




















  1. Needing an outlet, many artists met at a local _____________________________________ to have _____________________________________  discussions. One such café was called the _____________________________________  _____________________________________ .


  1. Determined to show their work, a group of artists, including Monet, Renoir, Degas and others, created “La Societe Anonyme” or “_____________________________________  _____________________________________.”


  1. One critic sarcastically named the artists’ style _____________________________________  after a title of Claude Monet’s work.  
  2. The idea of smaller, owner-centered dealers became important in order to gain international _____________________________________. One man, Paul _____________________________________ was especially important.


  1. Impressionism gained huge popularity in the _____________________________________  _____________________________________. Private _____________________________________ helped to give the artwork significant value.


  1. Not all Impressionistic works are the same; many artists were influenced by their _____________________________________, beliefs and _____________________________________.


  1. _____________________________________ was the home of Impressionism, and was frequently the source of inspiration.


  1. Both the Revolution of _____________________________________ and the _____________________________________ of 1873 influenced Impressionists.


  1. Parks, bridges, steel buildings and other structures from the _____________________________________ Revolution were a source of inspiration.


  1. Emergence of _____________________________________ theory and _____________________________________ helped artists to create realistic paintings rather than painting from memory.


  1. Broken brushwork and _____________________________________ colors were used to create fleeting moments of light.


  1. Nearly every Impressionist work has a “_____________________________________  _____________________________________;” a haystack, a boat, or a person.


  1.  Summarize the words of Emile Zola.



3 Direct Instruction II

  1. After discussing the basics of Impressionism, the instructor should use the BBC film, The Impressionists to further explain the ideals and concepts of the Impressionists. The film should be stopped frequently to elaborate on key ideas or to mark important vocab
  2. At predetermined intervals or at content breaks, students should use Evernote and FlashCard Maker Pro to take notes and make flashcards of key vocabulary
  3. Allow appropriate time for vocabulary so that students have time to include a definition, original sentence and an image

4 Guided Practice

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Students will work in partners to create a presentation based on the life and work of an Impressionist. 

  1. Students should research their artist (assigned by teacher) and create EITHER a Keynote or and Explee that includes the following (other things can be added depending on student ability):
  • General biography
  • Contribution to the "school"
  • Most well-known works
  • Hallmarks of style

5 Independent Practice

Students will create their own Impressionist painting using Sketchbook Express. The student work is evaluated on:

  • Use of appropriate colors
  • Use of appropriate brush technique
  • Inclusion of "human" elements
  • Uses non-traditional composition
  • Depicts an appropriate (Impressionist) theme

6 Wrap-Up

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When all assignments are complete, review the concepts and vocabulary of the Impressionists by using a Kahoot! I would suggest this be done as a review before a summative assessment.