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Importance Of Emotions

Through group discussion, art, games and stories the students will be able to identify and express different feelings and emotions.
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My Subjects English Language Arts

1. Read the emotions belonging to the people around them.

 2. Age appropriately express and identify their emotions.

 3. To understand that it is okay to not always be happy and that other emotions exist. 

 4. Start building a vocabulary towards naming their feelings. 


English Language Arts
Grades 3
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1 Step 1: ENGAGE

The teacher will highlight the link provided, once highlighted click the key ‘ctrl’ on the key board and clink on the link. It will bring you to a video on youtue that will briefly describe the emotions anger, joy, sadness, fear and disgust in a fun interactive way for the students. The video is 3 min and 8 seconds long. 

2 Step 2: EXPLORE

Activity: Other — Relating emotions to colors

Each student is to be given five pieces of paper with circles on them (at least 5 inches in length) in colors blue (sadness), red (anger), purple (fear), yellow (joy) and green (disgust). Have they draw the faces that belong to each color (emotion). Then have the class discuss what they learned about each character through the video they had just watched in the previous activity.

These papers will be used for other activities as well.

3 Step 3: EXPLAIN

Activity: Other — Identifying Feelings with a Partner

The circles that were passed out in the previous activity will be used in this one as well. Have the students draw faces one each piece of paper: blue (sadness), red (anger), purple (fear), yellow (joy) and green (disgust).

Now put the class into groups of 2 and have them sit next to one another with their 5 pieces of paper.

Now have the students share one emotion at a time with one another that they have experienced sometime in their lives, leave Joy for last so that the class can end on a good note. When explaining have the students hold their emotion color.

This exercise should take about 20 mins total, each student should get about 2 mins each to explain their emotion. 


First, ask your class these questions to start a group discussion. It will help you see how much your student have absorbed so far into the emotion lesson. Spend about 4 minutes on each question, so about 16 minutes total for the first part of this activity.

What are our different emotions?

What is the purpose of each emotion?

How do we express emotions we are feeling?

How can we recognize the emotion someone else is feeling? (body language, actions, words)

Next, have the students take out the five colored circles with the faced they drew on them. One by one, as a class you will go through each emotion, again leave Joy for last that way the class is left on a good note. You will read the class different situations (one will be provided for each emotion, but feel free to change it if you like) the students are to identify the emotion (this is where their circles come in, they will hold it up once they figure out the emotion) and then can give an alternate idea as in to helping solve the problem to the emotion if there is an obvious issue.


1. Imagine you come home from soccer practice and you find your baby sister playing with your favorite toy. When you go to try and take it away from her, both of you are tugging on it and it breaks in half.


2. Imagine you just watched a really scary movie about monsters who live under your bed and like to come out at night. You’re scared, and you tell your mom, she says you will be fine and says go to bed, but your older brother over hears. He runs to your room and without you knowing hides under your bed. When you get into bed, he waits until the lights are out. He slowly creeps out from under your bed and grabs your foot which makes you scream.


3. Imagine your favorite food is pizza with extra cheese! Your mom says that she ordered you a special surprise for doing good on your spelling test at school. Your excited. The pizza delivery guy come to the door and hands your mom the pizza. Your mom calls you to come and get your dinner, but something smells weird. It smells like fish and broccoli. When your mom hands you your ‘pizza’ it has fish and broccoli on it! She says it’s good for you and you should eat 3 slices.


4. Imagine you are walking home from school and you find a cute happy puppy. You look around and the puppy seems to be alone, the puppy is not wearing a collar and you don’t know what to do, so you take it home. Your mom has you make flyers to put up all over your street to help find the lost puppies family. A month has past, and your mom has told you that she thinks that no one is going to come and claim the puppy as their own and that you can keep it. You get supper excited because you got an awesome puppy now. You go to the story with your mom and pick the puppy out a bed, a collar, a leash and some treats. When you get home, you decide to name the puppy Buddy. Two weeks later, there is a knock at the door, it’s a man and a little boy saying that you found their puppy while they were on vacation and they would like it back. Your mom says they you must give it back. You hand them Buddy along with all the stuff you bought him and watch them walk to their car.


5. Imagine you are on a baseball team and the score is tied with the other team and you are up to bat. Bases are loaded and it’s all up to you rather your team wins or loses the game. The pitcher pitches the ball and bam! You hit a home run and your team wins the game!



5 Step 5: EVALUATE

The teacher will highlight the link provided, once highlighted click the key ‘ctrl’ on the key board and clink on the link. It will bring you to Pinterest. Here, you can download the work sheet and then print out either one for each student (recommended) or have students work in groups of two and fill out the work sheet together. 

Student Instructions

On the first half of the work sheet, match the words to the correct feeling from the Inside Out movie. Then in the second half of the work sheet, read the sentence and circle the emotion that makes sense in the sentence.