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iMovie Book Trailers

Students will create trailer videos using iMovie on iPads to entice others to read their books. They will practice summarizing, collaborating, and communicating the important events in their books.
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Students will be able to...

Summarize a book that they've read.

Collaborate on what images and text to include in their book trailer.

Communicate important events in their book using images and text.

Use technology to create a book trailer to share with their peers.

English Language Arts
Grades 3 – 6
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1 Selecting and Reading the Book

Activity: Reading

Students will select a book to read and have it approved by their teacher.    They may read books individually, in pairs, or in small groups.   Encourage students to record important events in the story as they read.

Student Instructions
  • Select a book and get approval from your teacher to use it for your book trailer project.
  • Record interesting or important events from the book as you read.

2 Pre-Technology Prep

Activity: Presenting

Discuss the purpose of trailers (to entice others).

List what should and should not be included in a trailer (no spoilers!)

Show students examples of good book trailers made by other students.    http://youtu.be/t1emxcttgKE

Create a list of the tips included in the video.   Ask students to suggest others.

Distribute trailer storyboards to students and explain that this is a "map" to plan their video.   PDF files for trailers can be downloaded from http://timothyjefferson.com/2012/06/imovie-for-ipad-storyboard-help-sheets-for-trailers/

Provide students with a rubric for their trailers.    Discuss how they will use this to ensure that they create a quality product.  Rubrics can be created from http://reading-active-and-engaging.wikispaces.com/Book+Trailers+-+Assessment+Rubric


Student Instructions

Complete the trailer storyboard to plan for your video.   Consider what pictures you are going to need for each shot.

Use the rubric to guide you as you create your trailer.   This will help you create a quality product.

3 Download images

Since all recording will be done inside the school, instruct students to locate and save images that they will need for landscapes from Discovery Streaming website.   All images should be saved to camera roll.    Alternately, younger students may want to get images from the Kids Infobit database if your school subscribes to it.   Easy and lots of good images!  Older students can search Google Images for copyright-friendly images, citing their sources.

Student Instructions

Locate images to use in your trailer using approved websites (Discovery Streaming, Kids Infobits, or Google Images with filtering by image rights).   Save all images to camera roll.

4 Create the Trailer

Guide students through the process of creating a movie trailer, then assist them as they work to create their individual videos.

Student Instructions

Use iMovie on the iPad to create your book trailer.

5 Wrap-up

Activity: Assessing

Have 2 students watch each trailer and complete the rubric.   Students should also complete a rubric for their own trailer.

Student Instructions

Watch the trailers of two other students.    Complete the book trailer rubric for each one.    Also complete a rubric for your own video.