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Iggy Peck Architect Activity

Great story to get younger students interested in STEM.
James T.
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Saint Benedict Prep, Chicago, Illinois
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Students will become excited and interested in STEM by listening to Iggy Peck Architect. Students begin understanding  what architects do, and the purpose of buildings. Students will begin by observing different styles of buildings. Students will learn with others from others via discussion and sharing their designs afterwards. 

Social Studies
Grades K – 1
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1 Hook

Free to try

Teacher begins lesson by gathering all the students, and projecting a Padlet containing different pictures of architecture

Examples include;

  • Famous modern buildings
  • Schools/Museums
  • Historic buildings
  • Gov. buildings
  • Strange buildings
  • Mansions
  • Castles
  •  Tree house
  •  Minecraft homes

Ask students questions 

  • Which house would you like to live in?
  • What is your favorite part of this building?
  • What do you think this building is made of?
  • What could you do in this building that you couldn't do in school?



2 Reading - Whole Group

Activity: Reading

Begin reading Iggy Peck Architect

Teacher questions to ask;

  • What materials does Iggy use?
  • What is your favorite building Iggy built?



3 Planning & Designing

Activity: Drawing

After the story, students will be tasked to design a building of their own. This will be a great way to teach planning and having them become creative with their drawings.  Be sure that students write down what type of building they made, and what materials they used. 

4 Presenting + Improvements

Activity: Presenting

Students will come back together and share their buildings with each other. Students will be given time to improve upon their building after the discussion



Activity: Creating

After students are all finished, allow them time throughout the do what architects do. Allow them to build like Iggy Peck during free time or stations