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Identifying litereary devices and elements of fictions

Review English 1 literary terminology
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Students will be able to....

identify literary terms by the definitions a level 2 on the analyzing narrative text proficiency scale. 

English Language Arts
Grades 9 – 10
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1 Review of literary terminology

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This activity is meant to review the notes we have taken this passed week and/or worked on identifying throughout the term. You will use the game based learning tool Kahoot! to complete this task.  Students will use their 1:1 laptops to join the Kahoot! session.  Once they have joined, you will begin the game and the students will be given the definition (please read aloud) and then 3-4 answer options.  They will then need to click the corresponding colored button to enter their answer on their laptop screen. If the majority of students get a question incorrect, review the answer with the class and move on. 

Student Instructions

You will use Kahoot! to review our 50 literary terms today.  You will need to go to kahoot.it and enter the game code posted on the board.  You will need to enter your name and then wait for the teacher to begin the game.  The teacher will read aloud each definition and then you will have time to answer with the correct terminology by clicking on the corresponding colored button.   The faster you answer, the more points you recieve.  If the majority of students get an answer incorrect, the teacher will review the term with you to ensure understanding.  If you are successful with this activity, you can identify yourself at a level two on our analyzing the narrative text proficiency scale.