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Identifying Coins

Students will learn about coins and their value.
Lacey H.
Classroom teacher
Faison Helen S Arts Academy
Pittsburgh, United States
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My Grades 2
My Subjects English Language Arts, Math, Social Studies

Students will be able to... 

  • identify quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies 
  • identify the value of each coin 
  • find how many of each coin is needed to make $1.00
Grades 2
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1 Introduction of Coins

Activity: Presenting

The teacher will introduce the coins to the students. The teacher will display each coin on the ELMO and talk about what the coin looks like and how much each coin is worth. The teacher will create an anchor chart for each coin with the students. 

Student Instructions

Students will be on the carpet as whole-group for this part of the lesson. 

2 Introduction of ThingLink

Free, Paid

The teacher will introduce the app ThingLink to the students. The teacher will show the students a ThingLink she has created about coins and they will explore it together. The teacher will add to the ThingLink she has created with the students in order for them to be able to see how it works step-by-step. The teacher will create a hotspots with the students to show each step. They will create one with text, one with a video, one with a photo, one with choosing a photo from the gallery, a link to a website, and one with a video from YouTube. The teacher will also show the students how to save the ThingLink and how to copy the link for their ThingLink. 

Student Instructions

Students will still be in whole-group on carpet as they learn how to use the ThingLink app. 

3 Students creating ThingLink

Free, Paid

The teacher will assign each student a partner, with their partner they will create their very own ThingLink that represents coins and their value. Students will be graded using a rubric. Their presentation must include a picture of each coin, the value of each coin, a video, and a link to an activity that can be done with coins. They must have at least 4 hotspots on their presentation. 

Student Instructions

Students will work in partners to create a ThingLink that demonstrates their knowledge of coins (quarter, dime, nickel, penny). 

4 Closure

Free, Paid

Watch students present ThingLink and use rubric to grade. 

Student Instructions

Students will present their ThingLink with their partner.  Students who are not presenting will be filling out a paper for each presentation that includes "glows" and "grows". The glow is something that the students liked about the presentation and grow is something that the students could work on or improve. After all presentations are completed, students will have an opportunity to check out the activities that were included on each presentation.