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Identifying Acids and Bases

Use a variety of apps to explore acids and bases and show how to identify acids and bases by their characteristics.
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Students will be able to...

Students will describe 4 characteristics each of acids and bases. Students will identify 2 uses each of acids and bases.

Grades 5 – 8
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1 Hook

Activity: Conversing

Show students a lemon or a picture of a lemon. Explain that it has citric acid which gives it a sour taste. Ask students to name other food items that would have a a sour taste due to the presence of acids.

2 Direct Instruction

Watch brainpop's Acids and Bases.  take the quiz at the end of the movie as a class.

3 Guided Practice

Activity: Other — List 4 characteristics and 2 uses of Acids and Bases

Have students recall the properties of acids and bases. Have students put lists in their notebooks along with examples of each.

Student Instructions

Make two columns in your notebook. Title one Acids and the other Bases. List at least 4 properties of each and at least 2 examples of each. Share with class and fix or add to your notes when we hear from all students.

4 Independent Practice.

Have students find examples of acids and bases around the school and take a picture with iPad (or other mobile device) and save to camera role. Use telligami to illustrate and explain an example of a base or a liquid. You could also assign students one or the other. Remind students to NEVER taste anything.  If they have trouble suggest there may be some things in the cafeteria (food)  or bathroom (soap). You may have to tell students any areas that are off limits.

Student Instructions

Explore the school for 10 minutes and find one example of a acid and one base. Take a picture of each and save to camera roll. Return to classroom and use the Tellagami app to display your examples and describe the properties that make it a base or an acid. Share on our edmodo science group.

5 Wrap-up

Have students comment on at least two other student tellagamis posted on edmodo.  This can be a homework assignment.  Check tellagamito and comments for understanding.

Student Instructions

comment on at least two other students' Tellagami posts.  Make sure to note if they have accurately illustrated an acid and a base.