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I Like Myself (Labeling)

Deb G.
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My Grades K, 1, 2, 3

Students will be able to use the label tool in Seesaw to label parts of an image, to show what they know.

English Language Arts
Grades K – 2
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1 Connection

Activity: Reading

Read the book titled I Like Myself by Karen Beaumont.  Discuss self-esteem and how each of us is unique!  Tell students they will get a chance to label themselves.

This activity can be done at any time throughout the school year.  This is a good mini-project to introduce students to the powers of Seesaw app for sharing what they know.

Student Instructions

Think about what labels you can use.  What will you label on yourself?

2 Guided Practice

What can we label about ourselves?

Model for students how to use Seesaw to take a picture of themselves and add labels.  Begin with showing or reminding students how to log into their classroom’s Seesaw. 

Then demonstrate using the Photo option, turning the camera and taking a selfie. Brainstorm with the class what they can label about themselves and demonstrate how to add a couple of labels, as well as show students how to change color, size, move, etc.

Depending on the age, you may wish to have a list of words posted for spelling purposes.

Student Instructions

Login to Seesaw, take a selfie, add 3-5 labels and submit image to your learning journal for teacher approval.

3 Reflection

Activity: Conversing

After approving student work, review the class feed with students.  Talk about what made for a good image/selfie.  Look at the size, color and placement of labels and talk about what helps the reader understand what the author is labeling.

Student Instructions

Have students partner with another and discuss what was good about each other's posting, as well as identify things that they might want to change for next time.

Partners can share with the full class a recommendation that they have.