Lesson Plan

I know I am being Bullied

The purpose of this lesson for students recognizing that they are being bullied. This lesson will teach students to know the difference between playing around and bullying.
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My Grades 6, 7, 8
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Students will be able to...

I will be able to recognize the act of bullying.

I will be able to identify actions to prevent or stop bullying.

I will be able to share resources on bullying. 

Health & Wellness
Grades 6 – 8
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1 Do Now: I think bullying is..

Students will use Flipgrid to create a video response to the do now

Student Instructions

Log in to Flipgrid and create a video explaining what you think a Bully is.

2 Mini-lesson

Activity: Other — T-Chart Bullying vs Playing around

Mini-lesson: Teacher will explain the difference between playing around name calling and silly pranks vs Bullying) There are usually bystanders that don’t want to say something for fear of becoming a target. Bullying is a uneven shift of power. 

Bullying is the use of any kind of power over others to repeatedly do intentional physical injury or emotional harm. Create a T chart for students to identify the traits of a bully; (examples) Give students an example of each

Hurtful and being silly

Student Instructions

Turn and Talk with your partner; List traits of bullying vs playing around. 

share with each class

3 Group Work

Students will view Middle school Confidential 1 and 2

students will be instructed how to use Stop !t app. CCB72 is the code needed to have the app record incidents in our school.

Student Instructions

Students will read the Comic Middle School Confidential 1 and Confidential 2 then take the quiz in 2.

4 Independent Work

Activity: Drawing

Create a comic strip on bully with 4 windows.  The comic strip should have two characters and any type of bullying.

Student Instructions

students will draw a comic strip about any type of bullying.

5 Exit slip

Activity: Other — Student will complete an exit slip

in two sentences answer this statement: Why do yo think bullying is a problem?

Student Instructions

On an index card: Students will answer the statement: Why do you think bullying is a problem?