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I Know How To

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Alissa D.
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Students will be able to...

  • compose a "how to" article to explain the procedure of a task they complete successfully 
  • visually capture the steps of their task
  • communicate the steps of their "how to" task orally and visually with creativity and clarity
English Language Arts
Grades 2 – 5
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1 Learning About Procedural Writing

Activity: Reading

The teacher would introduce students to writing "How To" articles. This could be done with reading recipes, watching videos of demonstrations on YouTube, and step-by-step articles. 

After discussing what makes clear directions, as a whole group (or within small groups) students can create a short 3-5 step "how to" directions for a classroom procedure. 

To extend this, teacher could invite a student(s) in from another classroom to "test" the directions! 

2 I Know How To...

Free, Paid
Google Drive
Free, Paid

Using an app like Notes, Evernote, Google Docs, or Notability, students can draft a 5 step set of directions to finish the statement... "I know how to..."

Students need to work to make these directions as clear as possible. Students should follow the writing process. 

3 How To in Action

When students have their writing set, students will create a collage of 5 images to represent the steps of their procedural process. These images can be found online and saved (Creative Commons, please!) or can be generated with the Camera of a classroom tablet. Students should work to format images in a meaningful way that visually communicates their directions clearly. 

When students finish this, they should export the finished collage to the Photos app/Camera Roll.

Note: If students task is something that is not supplied in the classroom, students may need to take pictures at home or bring in the necessary items. 

4 Talk It Out

When students have completed both the writing and visual pieces of their "how to" project, the Tellagami app can be used to record their directions. Students will import the collage as the background of the Gami. Students can adjust the avatar to fit their needs. Finally, students should record their voice reading their direction. Students should be clear and dynamic in their speech. 

Once the Gami is saved, students can export this to the Photos app/Camera Roll. Projects can be shared via AirPlay, Reflector, or emailed to a teacher.