Lesson Plan

I can write my name!

The students will be able to write their first name using correct pencil grip and correct letter formation using both upper case and lower case letters.
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Students will be able to makes some upper case letters without regard to proportion or placement.

English Language Arts
Grades Pre-K
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1 Name each letter of your name.

TTW instruct the students to take their names out of their zip baggies and lay them facing up on the table. 

TSW instruct the students to touch and name each letter intheir name. 

Student Instructions

TSW take their name pieces out of their zip baggies and lay them out on the table. 

TSW touch and name each letter of their name. 

TSW can then take turns naming the letters in a friends name. 

2 Put your name in the correct order

Activity: Investigating

TTW instruct the students to put the pieces of their name in the correct order starting with the upper case letter first. 

Student Instructions

TSW place the pieces of the name in the correct spelling order beginning with the uppercase letter. 

3 Write each letter of your name on the iPad

Endless Alphabet
Free to try, Paid

TTW help the students to open up the app on their iPad.

TTW instruct the students on how each app works. 

Student Instructions

TSW use the Endless Letter Google App to name the letters in the alphabet.  If  a letter in their name shows up on the app the students will place a star counter on that letter. 

TSW then trace their letters in their name using the LetterSchool Google App.