Lesson Plan

I Am a Seed

Exploring the parts of a seed.

Students will be able to...identify the parts of a seed and label seed diagram with its parts.


Grades 1 – 2
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1 Engage

Activity: Reading

1.  Read to the students I am a seed book   2. Remind them about all the different types of seeds we saw in the book.  All of them looked different on the outside.  Ask them if they think the seeds might look different on the inside to

2 Explore

Activity: Exploring

1.    Give each student a dry lima bean and have them observe the seed. 
2.   Give students a lima bean soaked overnight and have them remove the coat
3.    Show them how to break apart the seed to see the embryo clearly
4.    Give students time to observe the seed. 

3 Explain

Activity: Conversing

1.    After everyone is finished, give the students the diagram of the inside of a seed.  Label and describe the parts of a seed on the board. 
    -Seed Coat, Embryo, Stored food
2.    Have students label and color their diagram.


4 Extend

Explore parts of the seed using oh say can you seed app 

5 Assessment (Evaluate)

Activity: Assessing

Students will complete a diagram showing the parts of a seed.