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Human Heart

Identifying the sections of the heart (This app is not listed in the Common Sense List)
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Students will be able to navigate the human heart. 

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Grades 7
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1 Exposure to the Heart

Activity: Exploring

Ask the students what they know about their hearts.

Guide the discussion to be more on how the heart works and sections of it. 

2 Exploring the Heart

Activity: Exploring

Instruct students to open Human App on their iPad or iPhone, then prompt them to switch to the Heart by touching the 3 lines in the upper left hand corner. 

Now instruct them to explore the working heart by touching the parts, seeing the names and reading the descriptions. 


3 Following the Trail

Activity: Assessing

Instruct students to follow the way blood comes into the heart and leaves the heart by touching section by section and write the names down in the correct order. Make it a timed event to see who can navigate the heart the fastest and in the correct order.