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How To Write molecular Research Papers, Term Papers & Thesis

Vancouver Style depending on the type of paper and the word count.
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Most research papers and term papers in molecular biology use CSE/CBE Style. Some papers also use the Vancouver Style depending on the type of paper and the word count.

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1 Molecular biology

Molecular biology refers to the study of biology at the molecular level. Molecular biology often overlaps with other fields and areas in as well as chemistry and particularly so in the case of genetics and biochemistry. The subject seeks to develop a deep understanding of the interactions between the different systems of an individual cell. This includes the interactions in process of protein biosynthesis between DNA, RNA and certain enzymes. Of critical value are the efforts to learn about how these interactions are regulated
Writing research papers or term papers in molecular biology involves professional quality work and as such any plagiarism in the paper will be unacceptable. A well written paper has to be without any grammatical mistakes and it should flow. A paper in molecular biology has to fully describe the procedure as well as the results. The research done has to be placed in perspective with the existing knowledge and should interpret the importance of future study in the area.
To write my papers is expected to include sections below as a general guideline:
• Introduction
• Methodology (Procedures and Materials)
• Results
• Discussion
• Acknowledgments
• Literature Cited
It is essential that the paper is concise and fewest possible words are used to adequately describe the work done.
Molecular biology was established as a distinct sub-field of biology in the middle of the 20th century. The term molecular biology was introduced by Warren Weaver in the year 1938 who was the director of Natural Sciences at the Rockefeller Foundation.
It is the field of science that is concerned with investigating the chemical structures as well as processes of biological phenomena that involve molecules. The field has been growing in its importance ever since it was developed. The field’s chief concerns include the study of macromolecules like proteins and DNA which are made up of amino acids and nucleic acids respectively. Another of the chief concerns of the field has to do with the genetic processes at the molecular level
Molecular biologists have been involved in mapping the location of specific genes on chromosomes and to relate them to specific characteristics in an organism. They employ recombinant DNA technology in order to isolate, sequence, as well as modify specific genes. The most common techniques used in molecular biology include:
1. Arrays
2. Expression cloning
3. Gel electrophoresis
4. Southern blotting
5. Northern blotting
6. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR)
7. Western blotting