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How to Write Computer Research Papers, Term Papers & Thesis?

Most research papers and term papers in computer science are written in Chicago Style and follow the style guidelines developed by the IEEE Computer Society. The format and the style however do vary depending on the length and type of paper.
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Computing includes the development and use of computing technology that includes both hardware and software. It is often described as the computer-specific aspects of Information Technology.

Computer science refers to the study of the theoretical aspects of computing and also the application of these theories. The subject also covers the field of computation and application of the theoretical aspects in computer systems. Computer science covers a number of many sub-fields some of whom involve computation of particular desired results while others are more concerned with the exact properties of computational problems. Others subfields focus on implementing computations.

The computer itself is a machine which manipulates data using a list of predefined instructions. Over the years, the machine has taken many different physical forms. The very first systems which resemble to modern day computers were built in the 1940s even though several machines which were similar to the computer existed before as well.

Modern day computers are made up of tiny integrated circuits which are capable of making billions of calculations per second.

Computer security is an important branch of information security and computer science. It is applied to theoretical as well as real computer systems and focuses on the enforcement of 'secure' behavior in computer operations. The conventional approach of constructing a trusted security kernel is to use special-purpose hardware mechanisms in the microprocessors to constrain the operation system and other applications on a computer to follow the security policy. Such security systems allow data to be allocated to different domains and hence restrict which users can access a piece of information. This approach employed by the security systems avoids reliance on the operating system and other applications running on the computer.

A good research paper in computing and computer science gives a clear and concise statement of the problem discussed in the paper, proposed solutions of the authors and also the results that were achieved. The research paper has to describe what has been done thus far on the topic and what is new. The aim of a research paper is to describe and explain zodiac review results. The four types of results that most often come across are:

1. System construct like a software system, protocol or hardware design.
2. A performance evaluation which is achieved by analyzing and simulation.
3. Algorithms
4. Theory based on a number of the individual theorems.

One of the purposes of a computing paper is to make sure that the person who is looking to design something similar to yours knows about the mistakes that you made while designing and make use of the best solution that you came up with. Therefore the paper has to include the apparently non-obvious mistakes and what are the best ways to avoid them.
A research paper in computer science should focus on describing and explaining results with details that back up the results and are a testament to its validity. The research paper has to emphasize on what new knowledge has been gained by the study and what makes it significant. Finally, the paper should also elaborate on the impact of the study and further improvements that may be carried out.

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