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How To Use Google Docs for Writing Your Thesis?

Students use different office software packages for writing their papers.
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Students use different office software packages for writing their papers. If you are going to write your thesis fast and have access to it from different places, you should use Google Docs for it. Here you can learn the advantages of using this modern service in your writing process.

Access From All Devices

When you use offline office packages, you always need to have an access to a specific device and you also need to have a USB stick to transfer the collected data to other devices if it is needed. It is not useful or handy, especially if you need to work on your coursework from home, university, and other places.

When using Google Docs, you only need access to the Internet. In your Google account, you are able to create and edit text documents, presentations, and other information. There are also Google Docs clients for other platforms.

You are able to start a specific chapter at home, then go to the university, open your document on another PC, and keep working on it. It always automatically saves papers so you don’t have to worry about saving. It also has the history of edits and if you write anything wrong you can find the moment when you did it.

Protecting Data

Students who are writing offline may have many problems with it. When PC shuts down because of software or hardware problem, a lot of written text may be deleted and you will not be able to restore it later.

There also could be the problems with specific files and hard drives. If you get a virus that deletes all the data or your hard drive becomes corrupted, you also may not restore your files so you will need to write them from scratch. Google Docs stores all your data in the cloud. You will get access to it, even if your device is corrupted or there are problems with the hard drive. You enter your account from another device and work there

Collaboration With Others

When you are going to show your paper to other students, you only need to give them access to the file with your coursework. If you also need their comments or editing, you should give them permissions to edit your paper.

With the Google Docs, many people can collaborate on a document, it is especially useful for teams that are working on big projects. This way is much easier than sending the document by mail and waiting until another person will check it.

This is also useful for showing your paper to the instructor. He or she can read your document whenever they want, write comments and give tips. It helps you to write with the best quality by revising your paper when it is needed.

When you use essay writing services like Paperell, you are also able to upload your document to the Google Drive. Everything you need to do is open your Google Drive, click the button for uploading files, and select your coursework file there.

Precautions Of Working With The Google Docs Service

Of course, this service has a lot of advantages. However, it also has a few disadvantages. Before creating your account in this system and working on your paper with it, you should know these disadvantages and be ready for them.

To keep using your Google account, you have to know the correct login and password to it. If you forget your credentials, you will not get access to your files. However, Google brings you a few ways to restore your password if you forgot it.

The password can also be stolen or leaked, it means that if other persons get your login and password, they will have access to all your files. They will be able to read your documents, edit them, and copy information from them.

Google documents contain the history of editing. It means that any person who has access to a paper will see your previous edits, with all the words and paragraphs that were deleted. If you don’t want them to see the history, it is better to put the ready content to another document.

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