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How to use Blendspace in the Elementary Classroom

Learners (elementary teachers) will learn how to use the Blendspace website to create Blendspace boards to be used within their own classroom.
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My Grades K, 1, 2, 3
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Participants will be able to:

     create 2 Blendspace boards (Curriculum-based, Recreational-based or Workstation-based)

     collaborate via Blendspace using QR codes and one additional mode for sharing

     participate in classroom discussions via Word document posted on teacher Blendspace board

English Language Arts
Social Studies
Health & Wellness
Grades K – 5
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1 Essential Question: How can Blendspace benefit your classroom?

Begin with a whole class discussion about what teachers may or may not know about the website: Blendspace.

Teacher will introduce website and briefly overview site and tools within website.  

Go to www.blendspace.com and create an account (free account).

Each participant will quickly brainstorm ways that this site could benefit their classroom.  


Student Instructions

Participants (all classroom teachers) will observe as the website is introduced and log into the website in order to create their own free account.  

Participants will participate in brainstorming session regarding ways this site could benefit their classroom.




2 Direct Instruction: How to Create and Collaborate Using Blendspace

Teacher will use Blendspace to show video showcasing ways Blendspace can be used to create unique presentations, interactive workstations and professional development in any elementary classroom or workshop. 

After introduction, teacher set the purpose for the workshop:   introduce assignments for class (listed below).

Teacher will separate participants into teams (based upon grade level).

Each team will have approximately 30 minutes to actively engage with website with the following assignments in mind:


1- Create a curriculum-based board (ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, etc.)

2- Create a Blendspace board (either workstation-based or indoor recess)



Student Instructions

Participants will explore site in order to create 2 Blendspace boards for classroom use:

1- Curriculum-based

2- Workstation-based or Indoor recess board

3 Guided practice: Collaboration through shared grade level curriculum

Teacher will observe teams and answer any questions, as needed.  (approx. 30 minutes)

Grade level teams will collaborate and build Blendspace boards based on their shared curriculum and ideas for incorporating Blendspace into indoor recess interaction or classroom workstation needs.  

Student Instructions

Participants will spend approximately 30 minutes collaborating and sharing ideas based on 2 classroom assignments.

1- Grade level curriculum boards (ELA, Math, Social Studies or Science)

2- Indoor recess board or Classroom workstation board

4 Independent Work & Wrap-Up: Share QR Codes, Collaborations and Celebrations

Teacher will showcase a few creations that were created in class in order to inspire others who may need additional ideas.

The original teacher-created blendspace will be displayed along with an "exit slip".

The Exit Slip will be titled "How can Blendspace benefit your classroom?" (Original opening hook but should be perfect closing question.)

(Each participant will sign his/her name and one way they plan to use Blendspace to enahnce their classroom.  - Each partipant will use a different color for their remark.)

Each student will share new ways they can use this site either in their own classroom or in a future professional development session.

Teacher will remind participants to collaborate and share 2 assignment boards via QR code to instructor.  

Student Instructions

Participants will share new boards created within class.

Participants will go to Exit slip before leaving and use template provided by instructor.  Each participant should be able to return to the question posed at the beginning of the class and have a better grasp of how Blendspace can benefit and supplement their classroom instruction.

Name / Ways site can enhance classroom or future professional development (Use a different color for each participant when answering.)