Lesson Plan

How to Make and Publish a Video Online

Students will learn to create original content for education or entertainment and publish it on social media platforms
Kirk D.
La Sierra University
Riverside, United States
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Objectives: To have students create and upload content appropriately as well as recognize the significance of advertising methods,

ISTE Standards:

1. Empowered Learner

2. Creative Communicator

Grades 9 – 12
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1 Engaging

Create a unique concept of my own to emphasize lateral equality. Then facilitate a sharing session where groups presented their ideas, to which the other students would be asked to tell the groups something they liked about their concept and/or give them some advice that adds depth to their work instead of merely suggesting altering their ideas.


2 Exploring

Activity: Debating

Second Step: 

Instructor will give a brief description of the duties of each team and provide the given teams with ample props for their designations to familiarize themselves with their parts. Whomever will become part of the filming crew (lighting, cameras, and set props), I will give them a short crash course on what they need to do to use the equipment to their advantage

  • Cameras: Set to AWB, Auto ISO, Focus, and F/Stop
    • How to start/stop recording, mic awareness, filming w/ light sources from behind the camera
  • Lighting: Using reflectors for face lights; using light stands to avoid filming in shadows when indoors
  • Set props: Dress each character accordingly, organize props into sections based on scenes, move quickly

Directors and actors: Don’t worry about being perfect or recreating the concept 100%, play it by ear

Student Instructions

First Step:

Students will vote for the most favored idea then would be given a few minutes to be divided into teams to perform different duties for the video (acting crew, directing team, camera operators, lighting specialists, set props, extra background actors). If there are students with very limited responsibilities or none at all, they may assist in using the internet to find an appropriate song to use as the background music and submit their finds to the instructor.
Tools: camcorders, set props, wireless light stands, reflectors


3 Explaining

Activity: Creating

While the students begin acting and recording, the instructor will help each team in a repeating cycle, giving them a deeper understanding of their roles and how it affects the final production as well as how their roles are performed in a professional setting. The instructor will also be teaching the terminology a jargon that’s used on a filming set. He or she must also be ready to handle any questions and interfere with the production teams in order for them to stay on task. It would be crucial at this time to share personal experiences related to each team’s roles if they don’t have a part in a certain scene.

Student Instructions

Students will be given a generous set of time to recreate and record the short story in any way they see fit according to their duties. To students: "Adhere to the role designations and assist any other team if they are short-handed"

4 Elaborating

Step Two:

The instructor will attempt to edit the students’ short video as the tutorials play for the class. Then the teacher will bring up a live-view of the editing process before rendering to show what it looks like to an editor when they create a video.

Student Instructions

Step One:

Upon wrapping up the short video production, the class will return to class and watch an example video on how to upload a video onto YouTube as well as make it more noticeable on search feeds.

5 Evaluating

Prezi Classic
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Google Drive
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The teacher will facilitate a class discussion over what the students liked, learned, or thought was interesting or difficult about the production process. The follow-up conversation will discuss how the class video would be titled and advertised on social media—to which the instructor will give warning of legalities and copyright depending on the context of the class video.

Student Instructions

Students will be given the option of doing a reflection paper on what their part was or what they liked and whether or not they think they were close to accurately portraying the concept or what they could’ve done better if there was a next time; or they could go home and make a short video on their phone about anything they want, then show to the class as homework (more time for that option)