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How to grow you own pumpkin.

Students will work in a shared research project
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Students will be able to...

  • Work with collaboratively with a partner.
  • Understand the life cycle of a pumpkin.
English Language Arts
Grades 2
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1 Introduction

Activity: Reading

Students will participate in a pumpkin KWL chart. Students will discuss what they know and want to know before the project and what they learned after the research project. KWL chart will be done on the Smart Board. 

Students will popcorn read Pumpkin Fiesta by Caryn Yacowitz. Teacher will stop through text asking students what the characters are doing and why they are doing it. We will discuss how Old Juana and  Foolish Fernando grew their pumpkins differently. Students will be put with a partner and they will discuss why Old Juana's pumpkin growing techniques worked and why Foolish Fernando's didnt.

2 Research project

Activity: Other — Use of laptops for research- see listed sites below

With their parnter students will be given the following three websites:

 http://www.kiddiegardens.com/growing_pumpkins.html, http://www.allaboutpumpkins.com/growing.html, http://www.pumpkinnook.com/growing.htm

Students are given two thirty minute class sessions to research, how to grow a pumpkin. Students will take the information from the websites and their text book from the story; Pumpkin Fiesta, to take notes. Students will type of a rough draft on their laptops from the information provided by text and websites. Students will print off their notes.

3 Creating

Activity: Presenting

Students will use their researched information to created a poster. Students will set the poster up as: Step 1- they will describe step one in a complete sentence and draw a picture. Students will be given fourty- five minutes to construct their posters. Teacher will re-enforce that when working with a partner the work should be equally shared. Both students will write and draw steps on the poster. After every group has finished students will present their posters and information to the class. 

4 Wrap Up

Students will use ipads to create an imovie. Students will take the information from their posters to create one slide on imovie. Students will take turns recording each others voices; discussing the steps of how to grow your own pumpkin. Students will take pictures of their posters and add to their imovie. When all slides are completed teacher will show complete imovie on the Smart Board.

We will go back to KWL chart and discuss what the students learned about pumpkins to complete the chart.