We're retiring teacher-created lesson plans in September 2021. Please save copies for your records. Common Sense digital citizenship lessons are here to stay.
Teacher-Created Lesson Plan

How to Create Your Own Lesson Flow with Graphite

Teachers will learn how to create their own lesson flows to use in their classrooms.
Susie S.
Technology coordinator
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Teachers will be able to...

  • Utilize the reviews and ratings on Graphite to research websites and applications.
  • Collaborate with other teachers to share their findings.
  • Create a plan for their lesson flow.
  • Develop an actual lesson flow on Graphite.
English Language Arts
Social Studies
World Languages
English-Language Learning
Health & Wellness
Grades 6 – 12
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1 Hook: Why use lesson flows?

Free, Paid
Student Instructions

Questions to ask:

  1. Think about how your currently plan your lessons involving digital resources.
  2. How do you evaluate a tool's effectiveness?

2 Explore the Reviews and Ratings for Your Content Area

Activity: Investigating
  1. Assist the teachers in navigating to the Products Reviews & Ratings page.
  2. Discuss how to manipulate the search functions with the page.
  3. Show them the boards component to find resources related to specific topics.
Student Instructions
  1. Navigate to the Products Reviews & Ratings Page
  2. What kind of criteria might you use to search for tools for your classroom? Level, device, price, etc.

3 Sharing Resources

Free to try

Show the teachers how to use Padlet.

Student Instructions

Use Padlet to share your resources with others.