Lesson Plan

How to creat accessible word documents

An accessible document is a document created to be as easily readable by a sighted reader as a low vision or non-sighted reader.
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Students will be able to...

  • Students will learn how to utilize “heading” styles in a word document
  • Student will learn how to identify whether or not an image is tagged properly.
  • Students will be able to write down the shortcut, styling tools, and tagging images.
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Grades 12
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1 Engage

-Conversing (student will pose questions about what is accessible and how is it different from a regular document)

-Investigating (student will view a sample document using google docs

Student Instructions

-Student will get an electronic copy of an accessible word document.

-Student will scroll up and down the document to investigate how the document is structured.

2 Explore

Activity: Exploring

-I will demonstrate by using an image in the document to show whether or not the image is tagged properly.

-exploring, assessing, investigating.

Student Instructions

-Student will move the cursor to beginning of each paragraph, title, heading, image, etc to see what is different about it.

3 Explain

Activity: Creating

-I will demonstrate how to tag images, use styling tools and using shortcut keys.

Student Instructions

-Students will be able to write down the shortcut, styling tools, and tagging images.

4 Elaborate

Activity: Investigating

-I will ask students to compare two word documents and explain which document is accessible and why/why not

Student Instructions

-Student will demonstrate where styling, tagging, or use of proper heading is missing in an inaccessible document.

5 Evaluate

Activity: Assessing

-I will use summative assessment to evaluate student’s ability to create an accessible document

Student Instructions

-Student will produce a word document and apply all the styling tips learned previously.  This activity will be completed without the help from the instructor.  The student will then make a presentation on the document.